Natural Face Cleaning Pack-2
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Natural Face Cleaning Pack-2

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Your face is one of the first things that make an impression on the other person during a meeting and which is why people all over the globe try their best to keep their faces clean and glowing. Since modern people travel a lot in traffic, the pollution in the outside atmosphere settles on their face and makes it look oily and dull. Natural Face Cleaning is the ideal way to remove the dirt and pollutants from your skin and make it look radiant and fresh again. This cleanser cleans your skin without causing any irritation and leaves it smooth and soft. No harmful ingredients are added in this face cleanser which makes it safe for use. The Natural Face Cleaning is very easy to use because all you to do is just spray the cleanser on your face and wipe it off with a tissue or hanky. This face cleanser is easy to handle as well which makes it easy to carry during travel and daily commute.


  • Easy Spray and wipe Application – Just spray and wipe with a tissue to remove all the stickiness from your face.
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties to help you remove any unwanted germs /infection causing agents from the face.
  • Clean look for the flawless impression even while on the go.
  • Hassle free face cleansing to feel fresh at any place and any time.
  • Wash Free face wash that requires no soap no water and cleanses the skin thoroughly.

Ideal For Daily Commuters:

The Natural Face Cleaning removes all the dirt and oil from the face and makes the face look absolutely clean. Moreover, you do not require any water to clean your face after using this cleanser. The Face cleanser is made to suit all kinds of skin types and has no paraben/SLS/SLES. This cleanser has a light fragrance along with a soothing feel-good factor. Thus, this product is very handy to be carried anywhere and easy to be used without spoiling your clothes, which makes it a perfect on-the-go choice for the people who are travelling.



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